2PIGRECOE srl - Integrated Engineering Management

2PIGRECOE was born in 1996 with the aim to provide comprehensive and integrated engineering design services, together with project, cost and construction management services as well as to develop and to guarantee services of engineering with high degree of quality and added value.

2PIGRECOE is focused on management of jobs and services in the field of the civil and infrastructure engineering, spanning from industrial and environmental fields to public and private works, in Italy and in foreign countries, providing expert advice on all matters pertaining to the design, construction projects management , including cost planning, value engineering, procurement, project monitoring and cost management, in the following sectors:

Roads and Railroads, such as Tracing, Junctions and related works, etc.
Buildings, such as Residential, hotel, hospital, manufacturer, for private public offices and sport structures, etc.
Structures, such as Bridges, viaducts, galleries, dams, structures in reinforced concrete, compressed reinforced concrete and steel, etc.
Plants, such as HVAC, water-sanitary, firefighting, electrical, aqueducts and sewer pipes, piping, radio mobile stations, etc.
Environmental, such as Studies of impact, rubbish, waters treatment, etc.
Security, such as Elaboration of emergency plans according to actual laws
…. and much more.

Over the years, 2PIGRECOE has reinforced its skills and competency in various areas, specializing itself, in particular, in the fields of the industrial engineering, infrastructures, environment and plants.

Since 2014, 2PIGRECOE joins ISS International SpA Group.

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